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Questions Answered

  • Do I take an MVO or an AT&T offer?

  • Understanding Healthcare after Retirement

  • Do I take a Lump-Sum or an Annuity?

  • How do I access my 401(k) before I leave AT&T?

  • What are the tax impacts if I take money from my 401(k) savings plan?

  • In what should I consider investing in during retirement?

*The Retirement Group LLC, is an independent company not affiliated with AT&T.

What's In the e-Book?

Educational Topics
Confront Major Concerns
Make Well-Informed Decisions

What else can you expect to Learn

After downloading your complimentary "The Retirement Guide For AT&T Employees" e-Book, you will be able to decide how we can help you

Inside you will find over 27-pages prepared by us and complete with summarized answers, from knowledgeable financial practitioners to the most asked AT&T employee retirement concerns:

    • What Stages of Retirement will impact you the most?

    • How much Cash-flow or Savings is necessary to retire?

    • What method should I use to withdraw my payments after retiring?

    • Choosing which Healthcare Plan, Life Insurance, or other retirement programs to invest in.

    • Should I consider working after Retiring?

We are a group of financial professionals who focus entirely on AT&T retirement planning, the design of retirement portfolios for the transitioning AT&T employee, and education through seminars in the area.

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1 Why Participate in Your Employers Retirement Savings Plan


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