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Below you can schedule a call with Steve Boblis, one of our retirement-focused advisors. To schedule a call with Steve, scroll down and click on any of his available times. Steve is vastly knowledgeable about a wide range of retirement related subjects, and can help guide you through a happy retirement. 

Steve Boblis

Steve Boblis

Steve has been working with Fortune 500 clients for many years and is very familiar with your benefits. His goal is to help corporate employees successfully transition from their company into a happy retirement.

Advisor Q&A

What learning experiences prepared you for this role?

I have worked in the financial services industry for many years. Early on, that included 10 years helping clients with mortgages when rates were much higher than they are today. To do that required understanding the client’s situation, analyzing the available options and finding strategies to help pursue the client's goals. That background helps me put together a retirement plan for my clients so they can have a successful retirement.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Each day I spend some time spent reading about the market, potential tax law changes, economic news, anything relevant that will apply to the financial well-being of my clients. The balance of the day is spent speaking or meeting with clients, reviewing their accounts and putting their retirement plans into action. I also regularly host webinars to help prospective clients be aware of what they need to know as they approach retirement. In my down time, golf is my favorite sport. It’s an opportunity to spend time with friends.

How important is educating clients in your process?

I have always felt that client education is essential. The financial/investing world is complex and while some clients embrace it, many prefer having some assistance in navigating it. I feel it is my job to explain their options and how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, and to do that in a way that helps them understand and feel comfortable making decisions.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

To see a client’s retirement plans come to fruition. I have clients who were scared to retire or didn’t think they could retire. But helping them make the transition and then watching them embrace and really enjoy their retirement, that makes me feel great.

Contacting Steve

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Office: (800) 900-5867

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