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"Social Security Kit"

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Core Topics

Chapter 1

Understand the Basics

Chapter 2

Learn the Ropes:

The Social Security Timeline

Chapter 3

Recognize Potential Deductions:

Continued Employment and Taxation

chapter 4

Plan for Social Security Today

What's in the e-Book?

Educational Topics
Educational Topics
Confront Major Concerns 1
Confront Major Concerns
Make Well Informed Decisions 1
Make Well-Informed Decisions

What else you will Learn?

After downloading your complimentary "Social Security Kit" e-Book, you will be able to decide how we can help you

Inside you will find over 5-pages prepared by us, complete with answers from knowledgeable financial practitioners, that answer the most asked Corporate employee retirement concerns:

    • How much can I expect to receive from Social Security?

    • How will my benefits be taxed?

    • Does Social Security mean retirement?

    • Will Social Security benefits be available when I choose to claim benefits?

We are a group of financial professionals who focus entirely on corporate retirement planning, the design of retirement portfolios for the transitioning corporate employee, and education through seminars in the area.

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