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Below you can schedule a call with Patrick Ray, one of our advisors. To schedule a call with Patrick, scroll down and click on any of his available times. Patrick Ray is vastly knowledgeable about your company's benefits plan and can help guide you through a happy retirement. 

Patrick Ray

Patrick Ray

Patrick has been working with Fortune 500 clients for many years and is very familiar with your benefits. His goal is to help corporate employees successfully transition from their company into a happy retirement.

Fun Fact: Patrick served in the US Navy on the USS Forrestal and was part of Desert Storm and Provide Comfort from 1990-1994.

What learning experiences prepared you for this role?

After the military, I worked a few odds and ends jobs trying to find what I felt was a calling in life, and found a position with an Estate Planning Attorney here in St. Louis. After working with the law firm for a year, I was actually preparing to go to law school to become an Estate Planning Attorney. We did educational seminars, and unfortunately the main partner of the firm passed away, which led me looking for a job. I was introduced to the financial planners who were doing the educational seminars with us at the law firm, and that was the start of my financial planning career with John Hancock back in 1997.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Once in the office, I manage the items necessary to address the day's meetings and other items on my agenda list in order of importance. I use a process called the 12 week year, which allows me to block my time accordingly and make the most of my day while I am here. I host 2 weekly webinar/conference calls to keep clients and prospects abreast of current market conditions and other client concerns. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, soccer, poker, and spending time with my family. I also have a Great Dane named Bentley and a Mutt named River.

How important is educating clients in your process?

This is easily the most important part of my job. I find that most of the uncertainty and confusion in our business comes from the lack of education. Retirement is one of the most stressful situations anyone will ever have to go through, and its my responsibility to ensure that when someone entrusts myself, and our team, we go out of our way so we are certain they understand what is happening with their life savings.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

When one of the people I have helped throughout the retirement process introduces me to a friend or family member, this is easily the most rewarding thing to me as it confirms their comfort in helping them with one of the most important decisions of their life.

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Office: (800) 900-5867

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