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Michael Corgiat

Michael has been working with Fortune 500 employees for many years and is very familiar with your benefits. He has helped hundreds of corporate employees from working to a successful and enjoyable retirement.

What learning experiences prepared you for this role?

I always had an affinity for finance and investments. I majored in Finance at the University of Missouri-Columbia, with a health dose of Accounting, Security analysis, Financial planning and Psychology. This prepared me early in my career to listen to my clients needs/wants, goals and objectives. My father worked at IBM and he introduced me to many of his co-workers early in my career. This is where I learned it was important to be knowledgeable on all of an employer’s benefits, so I could answer any question a client might have about their specific situation. I retired my first Southwestern Bell employee in 1987 and have never stopped.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I like to start my day reading the Wall Street Journal over coffee to get caught up on the previous day’s news. Researching new tax and investment ideas that could be relevant to the short- and long-term impact on my client’s investment portfolios. I spend a lot of time with client calls/meetings, just to make sure they are still on the right path. My free time is spent with Carolyn and my grandsons, Gabriel and Vincent. We travel a lot and plan to try and see as many of our national parks as possible. We also plan to put our feet in the sand at a lot of this country’s beaches.

How important is educating clients in your process?

There is nothing more important to me than understanding what my client’s goals and objectives are for their entire financial situation. This starts with the basics and expands upon all aspects of a clients life, including tax and insurance planning, estate planning.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing how a long term retirement plan enables my clients to enjoy everything that’s important to them in retirement and being a part of that for years to come. My clients are not just clients, they are my friends and I enjoy sharing in their lives.

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